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Call for Contributions - Submission Period Closed

We invite you to be part of the conference and contribute to inspire and transfer knowledge to the participants of the conference.

Your contribution can take two different forms. One option is to contribute by hosting a workshop session. The conference will dedicate two separate 1-hour-time slots for workshop sessions, for which you can hand in your contribution. The second option is to contribute to our marketplace session which will be held during the 1.5 hour lunch session. If you want to contribute to either a workshop or to the marketplace - please fill out the form below. Further specifications concerning the contributions can be found in the following paragraphs.

Language: German, English, French, or Italian

Extended Submission: open until 14. June 2023 

Confirmation of Acceptance by 29. June 2023

Workshop Contributions

At the conference, two separate 1-hour slots are reserved for interactive workshops. Lecturers, researchers in the field of ESD, ESD practitioners, faculty and departmental heads, students, NGOs and sustainability officers are invited to submit a contribution for carrying out a workshop. The contribution should optimally fill a whole 1-hour slot. It is, however, also possible to submit a 30 min workshop. Then, two contributions would be presented in a 1-hour slot. The contributions should cover one of the following four topic areas and fit into one of the three different workshop types:


Topic Areas:

  1. ESD practice: integration of topics, aspects, ways of thinking and values of sustainable development into courses, modules and study programs; teaching/learning methods that promote action competence; competences relevant to sustainability, global citizenship education, change maker education, climate change education

  2. Transfer practice: communication and exchange with non-university actors on sustainable development, joint projects with non-university actors, community-based research, service learning, cooperate engagement, real labs, living labs, citizen science

  3. Research on ESD and transfer: learning-psychological, andragogical and didactic foundations, impact evaluation, learning success and competence development; success factors and barriers, evaluation research and monitoring

  4. Strategy and governance: sustainability strategy, third mission, integration of sustainable development and ESD in the study programs; promotion of knowledge and competences of lecturers; promotion of transfer for sustainable development; funding and financial support

Workshop Type:

  1. Project - completed and evaluated: Present approach, project, results, evaluation and learnings, discuss critically, contribute experiences from other projects, outline possible follow-up projects, check cooperation

  2. Project - ongoing: Present approach, project and preliminary results and learnings, discuss critically, contribute experiences from other projects, outline possible follow-up projects, check cooperation

  3. Project - planned: Present approach and planned project, obtain feedback, discuss critically, contribute experiences from other projects, check cooperation


Marketplace Contributions

At the conference there will be a 1.5 hour lunch break, for which the second half of the break is dedicated to a marketplace session. We warmly invite lecturers, researchers, students, NGOs and practitioners in the field of ESD and transfer to submit their contributions for the Marketplace. Your contribution will be presented at a stand, and you are encouraged to use any format that best represents your work, such as a table, poster, digital display, or speed consultations. We invite you to submit contributions that relate to the focus and the goals of this conference. The Marketplace provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your work, interact with attendees, and connect with like-minded individuals. We look forward to receiving your submissions and presenting your contributions at the conference.

Download further information here:

The Call for Contribution Phase is over. We are currently reviewing all the Contributions handed-in.Thank you for your interest. We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.

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