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About the conference

What is this conference all about? Please find the focus, goals and the target groups of the conference in the description below!


The Focus of this Conference lays on the integration of topics, perspectives, mindsets and learning methods of sustainable development into Bachelor's and Master's degree programs - in the sense of “Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education (ESD)”.

Since teaching/learning approaches of ESD are virtually all interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary, they involve transfer, i.e. cooperation with practice partners, learning together and learning from each other in student learning and applied research projects. In addition to the promotion of knowledge and competencies for sustainable development, ESD also focuses on "transformative learning theory", which aims to encourage reflection of values, attitudes, thought patterns and emotions. This conference does not focus on other topics related to sustainability in higher education, such as research, operations/campus and extracurricular student engagement.


  • To provide a platform for, and promote connections between initiatives and projects at Swiss Higher Education Institutions

  • To learn from other perspectives and gather feedbacks from peers which can spark new and scale up existing projects

  • Promote exchange between lecturers, heads of study programs, sustainability units, Higher Education didactics and representatives of university faculties and departments, university management, students and university administrations of different Higher Education Institutions

  • To encourage inter- and transdisciplinary learning among stakeholders to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation in possible transfer projects

Target Groups

The following groups of people from universities, universities of applied sciences and universities of teacher education are invited:

  • Lecturers and heads of study programs

  • Employees of sustainability departments who deal with teaching and employees of university didactics departments who deal with ESD.

  • Representatives of departmental and university management

  • Committed students

  • NGOs involved in Higher Education

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